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NFL Football Pools

NFL Pick Em

Pick Em is a weekly office pool where players pick winners for each game either straight-up or against the spread. Correct picks are awarded one point each and sum to both a weekly and total season score. Pick deadlines can be set to before the first game, before the first Sunday game or before each game.

NFL Confidence Pools

In a Confidence or Ranked Pick Em players pick winners for each game (with or without point spreads) and rank the games based on the likelihood of being correct. Players earn points for correct picks mulitplied by the rank. Ranks range from 1 to 16 depending on the number of games each week.

NFL Survivor

Sometimes called King of the Hill or Suicide, this pool challenges players to pick one team to win each week. Picks cannot be repeated for the remainder of the season. Players are eliminated when their pick loses (straight-up or against the spread).

NFL Squares / Super Bowl Squares

NFL Squares is a simple football pool that anyone, regardless of their football knowledge, can play. Random numbers are assigned to each axis of a 10x10 grid. Players pick one or more squares and winners are determind by the last digit of the score for each quarter.

NCAA College Sports Pools

NCAA - March Madness Brackets

Follow the NCAA Tournament and compete with friends using our convenient online brackets.
March Madness Brackets »

College Bowl Series Pick Em

Invite as many players as you like and pick winners for each of the 34 bowl games (option to pick vs. point spread).
College Bowl Games »